Thank you Audrey!


George presented Audrey with a commemorative framed picture of the DANE showcase from this summer.

Audrey Adam has been my webmaster for my website for about a year and it will be sad to see her go back to France. She has written countless articles for me, as well has interviewing featured students as part of “Student Spotlight”.

Along with her dance partner Connor James Allen, Audrey has excelled as a first-class American Smooth and Rhythm dancer in the collegiate circuit.

During her going-away party, I presented her with a commemorative picture frame. She is a wonderful student, colleague and friend. We are surely going to miss her.

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Kira and George at Todos Showcase

Congratulations to Kira Schubot and George Cometa for their perfomance at Todos Dance and Fitness Studio.

Kira and George performed a beautiful foxtrot at the Todos Summer Showcase “A Night In Hollywood”, on July 30th, 2016.

They worked hard to choreograph their foxtrot on Just One Dance by Caro Emerald, from the movie, Women in Love.

Check out their amazing foxtrot!

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Wedding 1st dance

On June 3rd, George’s brother Gareth and his wife Natalie celebrated their wedding along with their family and closest friends and relatives.  The reception started off with funny, highly energetic introductions from the wedding party, followed by Gareth and Natalie’s First Dance, that George helped choreographed for them.

Please enjoy this beautiful video of their dance, filmed by SkyRide Productions, and video edited by Gareth Cometa.

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George is moving!

George just started a new dance coaching job at Todos Dance and Fitness Studio!

george todosYou can now find him in Natick on Worcester Street.

To book lessons with George, it’s very easy! Visit Todos Dance website and hit “Reserve a Session.”

George is excited to see you all there!

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Summer DANE Showcase

Congratulations to George’s students Alexander, Katie, Audrey and Connor for performing their hearts out at the last DANE showcase in Brookline, MA. George was so humbled to watch them dance and show off their talents.

Special thanks to Marcio DeSouza and Saori Kamiya DeSouza for putting on a fantastic and elegant showcase. Thank you for inviting George to become part of the family for the last 2 years. He has fond memories of DANE. Thank you for your gracious hospitality.

Dancesport Academy of New England will be closing its doors on Thursday June 30th 2016, so please take the time to stop by to wish them the very best!

Katie and Alex


Katie and Alex made their partnership debut at the 2016 Summer DANE Showcase with their tango solo performance. George is incredibly proud of the hard work they put in to their dancing over the summer. Congratulations on a job well done.



Connor and Audrey performed their American Waltz. George enjoyed working with them every week over the summer watching them improve. Their waltz received high praise from the judges.


Audrey has been with George from the very beginning since he’s started teaching in Boston. Her hard work and perseverance paid off as she performed one of the most elaborate and hardest dances he’s ever choreographed. This girl works so hard behind the scenes setting up and maintaining this website and writing feature articles including Student Spotlights, where she interviews students for the website. George couldn’t have made this journey without her.

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Congratulations to the newly weds!

Wedding 1Iulia and Lukas

Congratulations to Lukas and Iulia celebrating their wedding with their family and friends overseas in Europe. In preparation for their wedding dance, they have learned their choreography, picked their song and felt confident about it in only a week and a half.  It is amazing how Lukas and Iulia work well together during their lessons and it was a pleasure working with them both. Best of luck on your new lives together as husband and wife!

Wedding 2Lisa and Uday

Special congratulations go out to my special friends Uday and Lisa on their new lives as husband and wife. I was honored to be a part of their wedding celebration and to see their first dance performed in front of their family and friends.  They learned their wedding dance with me in only ONE DAY in their living room on a Sunday afternoon. Their hard work paid off, as they looked like natural, confident dancers on the floor.  Their families were completely surprised to know they were taking lessons for their first dance.  Congratulations Lisa and Uday!

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Student Spotlight: Leif Andersen

When dancing helps the mind and the body.

Leif Andersen, 25, is a PhD candidate in programming languages at Northeastern University. Even though he very much enjoyed spending time with his fellow PhD students, Leif felt the need to get out of his comfort zone.

“I wanted to dance for a while,” he said. So he started ballroom dancing with the Northeastern University Ballroom Dance club in January 2015.

Various aspects of ballroom attracted Leif. “I like the movement, the way the body flows,” he said. Leif couldn’t find a partner right away, so he decided to take lessons with George Cometa.

“Group lessons were not enough and didn’t make me quite as comfortable,” Leif said. Indeed, a more personalized lesson was more appropriate for Leif as he suffers from Optic Nerve Hypoplasia (ONH). ONH highly affects his vision; he has no peripheral vision and no perception of depth.

Even if ONH doesn’t make getting around a crowded dance floor easy, Leif has never perceived it as an obstacle to reaching his goal of being a dancer.

“Leif doesn’t make his vision an excuse. He always wants to know more and tries to get better every time,” George said.

At first, he was a little worried about learning steps, but he immediately felt comfortable with George. “I know I can get close to him to see better,” Leif said.

Leif suspects that he had trouble finding a partner because he has trouble understanding body language because of his lack of vision. But then, he met Amy Yi from Boston University.

“Amy talks a lot,” Leif said, laughing. According to Leif, that’s what makes them good dance partners. By saying out loud what she thinks, instead of giving him a look, Amy communicates perfectly with Leif.

Ballroom dancing has helped Leif in his everyday life. “I tend to hunch over a lot because I am trying to get closer to see stuff,” he said. And ballroom is helping him standing more straight.

He has also noticed that he feels more connected to his body, and his balance has significantly improved. “It helps me get in tune with my body,” Leif said. Dancing also helped him with his self-confidence and interact with different types of people.

As every ballroom dancer, Leif admits walking in reversed or natural turns down his hallway. And his favorite dances waltz and samba.

Leif doesn’t consider himself a role model for people with disability. “I encourage people to go for what they want. It is sad to let the disability limit yourself,” he said.

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