5 tips for a successful showcase

December 6, 2015 is the Holiday Ball at Dancesport Academy of New England in Brookline, Mass.

Danny, Caroline, Erica and Audrey will be dancing with George various dances such as waltz, tango, quickstep and paso doble.

Here are a few tips to all showcasers, for successful dancing.

  • Prepare your dance(s) with your teacher or partner in advance. A minimum of 3 weeks is best to build a muscle memory for your routine.
  • The better you look, the better you feel, the better you dance. Do a dress rehearsal. The dress rehearsal is very important as it enables both dancers to be emotionally connected to the dance. That rehearsal is also to make sure that both dancers’ attire is fitted for your dancing.
  • For women, your hair can be down but make sure it’s not going to be in your face. Hair up is always recommended as it exposes your neckline. For men, if you have long hair, it is better to wear it in a ponytail.
  • Tell your friends and family! You worked so hard for this event, it’s your time to show off!
  • At the location, practice your routine once or twice. When it’s your time to dance, relax and have fun. If there is a judge, he/she will always appreciate a nice smile on your face.
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