Today’s ballroom hairstyles by Alice

MIT Mackie

Competition season is coming back. So here are a few tips and ideas to have the shiniest, strongest and most beautiful ballroom hairstyle.

Here are Alice and George’s recommendations.

  • Most ballroom people recommend to buy your hair supplies at Sally Beauty Supply.
    You can find all their products at
    Click here to find your store in Massachusetts.
  • All kinds of supplies are necessary for a perfect hairstyle. Here are a few must-have for female dancers: hair elastics, bobby pins, hair pins, hair nets (same color as your hair), extensions, hairspray (Schwarzkopf – Got2b) and gel (Schwarzkopf – Got2b).
  • Don’t forget to be shiny with Swarovski flatback rhinestones, flowers, glitter hairspray and glitter glue.
  • If you have curly hair, a hair straightener will be your best ally, and blow drying the hairspray will make it dry faster.
  • For male dancers: a fresh haircut always looks better. No hair on the neck, clean cut on the ears, clean sideburns will make you like a pro. For the final touch, a fine-toothed brush, hairspray and a blow dryer should do the trick.

Here are some examples of hairstyles by Alice:

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