Boston University Terrier Dancesport Competition

Congratulations to all my couples that competed at the 2016 Boston University Terrier Dancesport Competition. It was a great weekend and I was happy to watch them perform their best.

Keith and Katie


Keith and Katie
Congrats to Keith and Katie for placing 1st overall in Gold Smooth. I predicted you guys would be top 3 by the BU comp and you worked extra hard to exceed those expectations. Very happy for the two of you. Watch out of this up and coming smooth couple as they move up the ranks


Alex and Laura



Alex and Laura
Congratulations to Alex and Laura for placing 3rd in Am W/T, 2nd in Am Foxtrot and Am VW, 4th in Int W/Q, T and F, 3rd in Int C/R, 4th in Jive, and semis in Samba and Paso. Definitely your overall best performance at a competition to date.




Katie Fiallo
Excellent job on your performance in the gold standard events. Your frame and footwork has drastically improved


Emily and Paul



Paul and Emily
Congrats to Paul and Emily for reaching the semis in Am W/T and F, placing 6th in Am C/R, 5th in Mambo and reaching semis in Syllabus Bolero. Great work throughout the competition. Your hard work has certainly paid off. Keep it up!


Ethan and Emily



Ethan and Emily
Congratulations to Ethan and Emily for reaching the semis in Int C/R, Samba and Jive. Great effort, enthusiasm and energy in your dancing and it’s only going to get better!


Erica and Emily



Emily and Erica
By far, you guys are the most fun to work with. I’m so happy on your improvement in your dancing as a partnership and great job on your first competition in the silver level.


Meif and Amy



Leif and Amy
Nice job on overall effort and hard work on your first competition as a new partnership and first ever in the silver level. I look forward to watching you two grow as wonderful dancers.

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