Worcester Classic Competition

Congratulations to all of my students that competed at the 3rd annual Worcester Classic. Alice and George were excited and honored to the part of a growing competition by sponsoring prize money for the American Smooth overall events. Special thanks to Jenna O’Connell, Lucia Shumaker, Charlotte Donovan and the rest of the competition committee for hosting such a great event.

Audrey and Connor


Connor and Audrey
Congrats to Connor and Audrey for placing 3rd in Silver American W/T (1st place in Waltz!), semis in Foxtrot, 6th in Am. VW, semis in Silver Sw/Mambo. By far your best competition to date by far. I’m happy that the concepts and connections we learned in your Waltz has worked immensely. Keep working hard.


Keith and Katie



Keith and Katie
Congratulations to Keith and Katie for placing 1st in Gold American W/T and 2nd in F/Vw. They placed 2nd overall in gold smooth. Job well done on your sustained excellent and improvement. I’m honored to give you prize money for your hard work. You’ve earned it!


Emily and Paul


Paul and Emily
Congratulations to Paul and Emily for placing 6th in Silver American W/T, 6th in International T/F, and semis in Silver American C/R, Sw/M and Bolero. I enjoyed your dancing and you guys look brilliant on the floor. Your hard work has certainly paid off.



Ethan and Emily


Ethan and Emily
Congratulations to Ethan and Emily for reaching the semis in Silver International Cha/Rumba and Samba/Jive. I admire your high energy and resilience. Keep up the hard work!





Robert LaFrance
Congrats to Robert for a job well done with his TBA partner. He reached the semis in International Rumba, quarters in Cha cha and Jive, semis in American W and quarters in Foxtrot. In the short time that I’ve worked with you I can already tell you’ll be an elite leader for the team. Great resiliency throughout the competition.



Congratulations to all the smooth competitors who won prize money at the Worcester Classic co-hosted by WPI and Clark University.


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