Harvard Invitational 2016

Congratulations to all my students who competed in last week’s Harvard Invitational. Special thanks to the Harvard Ballroom dance team on organizing a fantastic competition with 2 full days of dancing along with a great gala and showcase.

Keith and Katie

Keith and Katie
Congratulations to Keith and Katie for placing 2nd in W/T and 3rd in F/Vw (2nd overall) in gold Smooth at the Harvard Invitational. In their debut in Open Smooth, they placed 7th (out of 11) in a very competitive Pre-Champ field. Great strong performance and wonderful dancing at Harvard. I’m proud of your progress and your ability to grasp some of the smooth concepts that we’ve talked about. I’m excited to see what future has in store moving forward into open smooth!


Alex and Laura


Alex and Laura
Great dancing by Alex and Laura for placing 4th in Silver American W/T and F and 1st in Viennese Waltz (2nd overall); 3rd in International W/Q, 2nd in T/F and VW and 7th in Paso Doble. Another great overall performance by this strong couple. You’ve work so hard and your persistent work ethic has allowed you to point out and into gold smooth. Awesome job.


Audrey and Connor



Connor and Audrey
Congrats to Connor and Audrey for continuing to improve in your silver American Smooth and Rhythm, as well as your Paso Doble. Keep up the good work.



Paul and Emily


Paul and Emily
Congratulations to Paul and Emily for making callbacks in International W/Q, T/F and VW along with great strides with their American Smooth and Rhythm dances. You guys look great on the floor and thank you for continuing to work hard on the dance floor and your practices.


Brendan and Kira


Brendan and Kira
Congratulations to Brendan and Kira for making callbacks in Silver International W/Q and T/F, QF in International Viennese Waltz and semis in American Viennese Waltz. Great overall effort in your silver smooth and standard dances. Keep up the good work in preparation for MIT in April.


Katie and Fahmil



Fahmil and Katie
Congratulations to Fahmil and Katie for continuing to improve their skills in Gold Standard in such a competitive field.


Erica and Paul



Paul and Erica
Congratulations to Paul and Emily on their debut in Silver Paso Doble. Great job in showing the character of the dance in such a competitive field.



Emily and Ethan



Ethan and Emily
Congrats to Ethan and Emily for dancing their best in a very competitive Silver Latin field. As always, you guys look fantastic on the floor.

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