Dancing with the professors

Dancing with the Professors Competitors

George was honored to be part of the prestigious judging panel for the first annual Dancing with the Professor hosted by the Northeastern University Ballroom Dance Club (NUBDC).

The show started with an opening number featuring members of the NUBDC as they performed a jive to Runaway Baby from Bruno Mars.

Six couples were part of the competition. Six Northeastern University professors were coupled with six members from the NUBDC. They performed individual showcases in dances such as a bolero, mambo, foxtrot and cha-cha. At the end of their performance, each judge gave feedback based on musicality, connection, partnership and overall performance.

Two awards were given to the best couple at the end of the competition: The Judges Choice Award and Audience Choice Award.  The competition was close, but after the votes were tallied, the winner of the Judges Choice Awards went to Mackie McGill (NEU alum ’15) and Professor William Sharp (College of Science Psychology Department), and and the winner of the Audience Choice award went to Peter Tran (NEU alum ’14) and Professor Catherine Zeimer (Professor of Chemical Engineering and Associate Vice Provost).

In addition to the competition, George and Alice Wang showcased a beautiful American Smooth Waltz for the audience.  It was certainly a memorable night full of dancing.

Photos and videos courteously of NUBDC.

To see all the performances, check out the videos

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