Rhode Island College Ballroom Dance Competition 2016

Keith and Katie


Keith and Katie
Congratulations to Keith and Katie for winning Gold American Smooth and placing an astounding 2nd place in Open Smooth at the RIC competition. You can be proud of your hard work, making this the best results for you up to date. Your understanding of many of the smooth concepts are starting to flourish in your dancing, just in time before MIT weekend.


Sheetal and Xerxes



Xerxes and Sheetal
Congrats to Xerxes and Sheetal for placing 4th Gold Smooth. In only a short period of time, your dancing has improved tremendously. Keep up the excellent work.





Robert LeFrance
Congratulations to Robert for reaching semi-finals in Bronze International Waltz, Bronze American Waltz and Foxtrot, Bronze Swing and Bronze International Cha-Cha. Your hard work ethic shows in your determination to succeed at the highest level. You are truly becoming a fine dancer no matter who you dance with.





Katie Fiallo
Congrats to Katie Fiallo for placing 7th in International Gold Standard (WTFQ) and 8th in Syllabus Viennese Waltz with her partner Fahmil in a very competitive field. Your willingness to learn and improve has greatly shown in your dancing each and every week.




Photos courtesy of NUBDC

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