MIT Open Ballroom Competition

Congratulations to all my students that competed at the 2016 MIT Open Ballroom Competition in Cambridge, Mass.

Connor and Audrey


Connor and Audrey

In the past 2 years, you have made important and ground-breaking strides in your dancing. Your willingness to keep learning is the ultimate pay-off. Thank you for working so hard throughout the competition season. Great job at MIT. PC: NUBDC



Alex and Laura

Alex and LauraCongratulations to Alex and Laura completely sweeping Intermediate Standard, placing first in all dances (W/Q, T/F and VW), and first overall. In addition, they placed 3rd in Intermediate American W/T, reaching semis in Advanced F/VW (first time in Gold), semis in Intermediate International C/R, 4th in S/J and 3rd in Paso Doble (3rd overall in Latin). In just one year of dancing in the silver division, you’ve exceeded all of George’s expectations and have accomplished so much, practically being the best silver standard couple in all of Boston, placing out of silver Smooth and achieving high ranks in silver Latin. No big deal, right?
George is very proud of theirĀ hard work every week, while being so humble and being good role models for aspiring dancers.
PC: Steven Jones

Xerxes and Sheetal


Xerxes and Sheetal

Congrats to Xerxes and Sheetal for placing and 3rd overall in Advanced Smooth. Despite injuries throughout the year, you’ve persevered just in time to be Top 3 in Adv. Smooth at the MIT Open Competition. George admires your persistent hard work and your dedication in the American Smooth style. PC: NUBDC


Paul and Emily


Paul and Emily

Congratulations to Paul and Emily for making callbacks in Intermediate International W/Q, Intermediate Smooth W/T, F, reaching QF in Intermediate American C/R/Sw and Mambo. You’ve made great strides in your dancing and made George very proud of your accomplishments. PC: NUBDC



Emily and Erica


Emily and Erica

By far, one of George’s favorite couples to teach. Congrats to Emily and Erica for making callbacks in Intermediate Smooth W/T, as well as showing a great performance in Foxtrot and Rhythm. George have enjoyed watching you two grow into wonderful, upbeat and amazing dancers throughout the year. PC: NUBDC





Robert and Eva

Congratulations to Robert and his partner Eva for making callbacks in Beg. International Cha, Rumba, reaching QF in Paso Doble and Jive, making callbacks in Beg. Smooth W, T, F, making callbacks in Beg. Am. Cha, Rumba, Bolero and Mambo. In the biggest competition of the year, you guys danced so well, while having fun. You should be very proud of your results. PC: NUBDC


Kira and Brandon


Brendan and Kira

Congrats to Brendan and Kira for making callbacks in Intermediate Int. Vw, reaching semis in Am. Smooth W/T and quarter finals in Am. Foxtrot. The amount of work that you’ve put into your dancing throughout the year has shown greatly in your achievements. PC: NUBDC



Leif and Amy


Leif and Amy

Leif and Amy have made significant progress in their dancing, particularly in the Smooth. Their improvement has shown each and every week and George is tremendously proud of them. PC: NUBDC



KatieKatie Fiallo

When George first started teaching in Boston, Katie was one of George’s very first students. I saw potential on how good she can become and the hard work it would take to get there. Her determination and perseverance has allowed her to exceed her dance goals each and every year. This year is no exception. Congratulations on reaching the QF in Adv. International T/F, as well as QF in International C/R and callbacks in S/J. Great way to end the season. PC: NUBDC

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