MIT Open Ballroom Competition

Congratulations to all my students that competed at the 2016 MIT Open Ballroom Competition in Cambridge, Mass.

Connor and Audrey


Connor and Audrey

In the past 2 years, you have made important and ground-breaking strides in your dancing. Your willingness to keep learning is the ultimate pay-off. Thank you for working so hard throughout the competition season. Great job at MIT. PC: NUBDC



Alex and Laura

Alex and LauraCongratulations to Alex and Laura completely sweeping Intermediate Standard, placing first in all dances (W/Q, T/F and VW), and first overall. In addition, they placed 3rd in Intermediate American W/T, reaching semis in Advanced F/VW (first time in Gold), semis in Intermediate International C/R, 4th in S/J and 3rd in Paso Doble (3rd overall in Latin). In just one year of dancing in the silver division, you’ve exceeded all of George’s expectations and have accomplished so much, practically being the best silver standard couple in all of Boston, placing out of silver Smooth and achieving high ranks in silver Latin. No big deal, right?
George is very proud of their hard work every week, while being so humble and being good role models for aspiring dancers.
PC: Steven Jones

Xerxes and Sheetal


Xerxes and Sheetal

Congrats to Xerxes and Sheetal for placing and 3rd overall in Advanced Smooth. Despite injuries throughout the year, you’ve persevered just in time to be Top 3 in Adv. Smooth at the MIT Open Competition. George admires your persistent hard work and your dedication in the American Smooth style. PC: NUBDC


Paul and Emily


Paul and Emily

Congratulations to Paul and Emily for making callbacks in Intermediate International W/Q, Intermediate Smooth W/T, F, reaching QF in Intermediate American C/R/Sw and Mambo. You’ve made great strides in your dancing and made George very proud of your accomplishments. PC: NUBDC



Emily and Erica


Emily and Erica

By far, one of George’s favorite couples to teach. Congrats to Emily and Erica for making callbacks in Intermediate Smooth W/T, as well as showing a great performance in Foxtrot and Rhythm. George have enjoyed watching you two grow into wonderful, upbeat and amazing dancers throughout the year. PC: NUBDC





Robert and Eva

Congratulations to Robert and his partner Eva for making callbacks in Beg. International Cha, Rumba, reaching QF in Paso Doble and Jive, making callbacks in Beg. Smooth W, T, F, making callbacks in Beg. Am. Cha, Rumba, Bolero and Mambo. In the biggest competition of the year, you guys danced so well, while having fun. You should be very proud of your results. PC: NUBDC


Kira and Brandon


Brendan and Kira

Congrats to Brendan and Kira for making callbacks in Intermediate Int. Vw, reaching semis in Am. Smooth W/T and quarter finals in Am. Foxtrot. The amount of work that you’ve put into your dancing throughout the year has shown greatly in your achievements. PC: NUBDC



Leif and Amy


Leif and Amy

Leif and Amy have made significant progress in their dancing, particularly in the Smooth. Their improvement has shown each and every week and George is tremendously proud of them. PC: NUBDC



KatieKatie Fiallo

When George first started teaching in Boston, Katie was one of George’s very first students. I saw potential on how good she can become and the hard work it would take to get there. Her determination and perseverance has allowed her to exceed her dance goals each and every year. This year is no exception. Congratulations on reaching the QF in Adv. International T/F, as well as QF in International C/R and callbacks in S/J. Great way to end the season. PC: NUBDC

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Rhode Island College Ballroom Dance Competition 2016

Keith and Katie


Keith and Katie
Congratulations to Keith and Katie for winning Gold American Smooth and placing an astounding 2nd place in Open Smooth at the RIC competition. You can be proud of your hard work, making this the best results for you up to date. Your understanding of many of the smooth concepts are starting to flourish in your dancing, just in time before MIT weekend.


Sheetal and Xerxes



Xerxes and Sheetal
Congrats to Xerxes and Sheetal for placing 4th Gold Smooth. In only a short period of time, your dancing has improved tremendously. Keep up the excellent work.





Robert LeFrance
Congratulations to Robert for reaching semi-finals in Bronze International Waltz, Bronze American Waltz and Foxtrot, Bronze Swing and Bronze International Cha-Cha. Your hard work ethic shows in your determination to succeed at the highest level. You are truly becoming a fine dancer no matter who you dance with.





Katie Fiallo
Congrats to Katie Fiallo for placing 7th in International Gold Standard (WTFQ) and 8th in Syllabus Viennese Waltz with her partner Fahmil in a very competitive field. Your willingness to learn and improve has greatly shown in your dancing each and every week.




Photos courtesy of NUBDC

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Dancing with the professors

Dancing with the Professors Competitors

George was honored to be part of the prestigious judging panel for the first annual Dancing with the Professor hosted by the Northeastern University Ballroom Dance Club (NUBDC).

The show started with an opening number featuring members of the NUBDC as they performed a jive to Runaway Baby from Bruno Mars.

Six couples were part of the competition. Six Northeastern University professors were coupled with six members from the NUBDC. They performed individual showcases in dances such as a bolero, mambo, foxtrot and cha-cha. At the end of their performance, each judge gave feedback based on musicality, connection, partnership and overall performance.

Two awards were given to the best couple at the end of the competition: The Judges Choice Award and Audience Choice Award.  The competition was close, but after the votes were tallied, the winner of the Judges Choice Awards went to Mackie McGill (NEU alum ’15) and Professor William Sharp (College of Science Psychology Department), and and the winner of the Audience Choice award went to Peter Tran (NEU alum ’14) and Professor Catherine Zeimer (Professor of Chemical Engineering and Associate Vice Provost).

In addition to the competition, George and Alice Wang showcased a beautiful American Smooth Waltz for the audience.  It was certainly a memorable night full of dancing.

Photos and videos courteously of NUBDC.

To see all the performances, check out the videos

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USA Dance Nationals

Alice Wang and George Cometa

Alice and George danced their hearts out and persevered to become the 2016 Adult Amateur Smooth Pre-Championship winners at USA Dance Nationals in Baltimore, MD. Thank you to all their coaches, mentors, friends and family for their continuing support.

Thank you to my students for pushing me to be a better teacher each and every day. I hope I inspire you to work hard to reach your goals.

Alice and George were pleased to overcome injuries throughout the year. By working hard in limited time, they are proud to make the Adult Amateur American Smooth Championship final for a second year in a row. They placed 7th in a very competitive field.

They had a fantastic weekend dancing with their friends and fellow competitors, and representing the American Smooth Style.

Congratulations to the other competitors for their accomplishments.

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Dancing with the Professors at Northeastern

Earlier this month, George had the opportunity to coach 3 out of the 6 professors and their partners (members of the Northeastern University Ballroom Dance Club, or NUBDC) as they prepare for this Friday’s Dancing with the Professors, sponsored by the NUBDC.

Don’t miss out on this great event as NEU professors from a variety of majors are put to the test and compete win the 1 st annual Dancing with the Professors.

Dancing with the Professors

George will be one of the judges for the event, as well as performing a smooth showcase with his partner Alice Wang.

The show is this Friday, April 1, 2016, and is located on the Northeastern Campus Curry Student Ballroom (380 Huntington Ave Boston, MA 02115). Doors open at 7:30pm and the show begins at 8pm. Tickets are available on myNEU.

Please send an email with a request for tickets (georgeg229[AT]

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Student Spotlight: Katie Fiallo


Dancing, the story of a lifetime.

“I started dancing when I was 3, I started as a ballet dancer. My parents had this idea that [I] should learn how to speak a foreign language, play an instrument and learn how to dance,” said Katie Fiallo, second-year law student at Northeastern University.

Now Katie is 23 years old and has never stopped dancing. Even though she didn’t pursue ballet and decided to switch to jazz and hip hop.

When she started as an undergraduate student at Northeastern, she didn’t have a very high opinion of ballroom dancing. “My parents signed me and one of my ex-boyfriends to do ballroom lessons with them and his parents, and I was thinking that this was so stupid and so lame. I was so bored,” she said laughing.

Pushed by her roommate at the time, Katie decided to give ballroom dancing a second chance. Her first experience with the Northeastern Ballroom club was a cha-cha lesson. She loved the dance but moreover felt like she could be part of a community.

Katie has been dancing ballroom for five years and has had seven different partners. She is currently competing in the standard dances with Fahmil Shah, PhD student at Boston University. Even if it can be challenging for them to find time to practice, their collaboration has been successful and they have placed in many competitions.

Katie takes lessons with a few different coaches depending on what she wants to focus on. “But I always go back to George,” she said. She appreciates George Cometa’s  respectful and friendly way of teaching. George believed in Katie’s dancing and invited her to participate in the Manhattan Amateur Classic (MAC) National Qualifying Event.

Katie and George put a lot work into getting the four standard dances ready for the competition. The placed 8th in the master of syllabus category.  “It was one of the most leisurely competitions. I learned a lot from watching other couples,” Katie said.

But dancing is not only competing for Katie. She enjoys social dancing and dedicates several nights a week to west coast swing, salsa and occasional other dances. She finds exciting to get out of the competition mindset and enjoys meeting new people from all ages and backgrounds. She also admits that social dancing helps her improve her ballroom skills and vice versa.

“Social dancing is not usually scripted. So it helps being more responsive to my partner. And ballroom dancing gives me a good foundation,” she said.

Katie enjoys the perks of learning ballroom in a friendly and supportive environment, while being part of a diverse social network.

“I love the people, the community is so nice. I remember thinking that it was so cool that I got to hang out with engineers, and journalism, and communication students, and people interested in graphic design, people from all different backgrounds. We had this common interest and we had shared experiences even though we didn’t have the same background,” Katie said.

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US Amateur National Championships


Alice and GeorgeAlice and George were honored to be part of the best smooth couples in the country at the US Amateur National Championships. They were also part of the opening ceremonies which included all the smooth couples surrounding the American flag and the singing of the national anthem. It gives all of us a sense of pride and how lucky we are to do what we do in our great nation.

For more videos and information about the event, check out the American Sports Network.

Congratualtions to all the couples!

Check out the video of George and Alice performing American Waltz.

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